THE POWDER SHAMPOO™ launches powder-to-foam body washes - vegan, cruelty-free, water-free, plastic-free, one for day and one for night

Singapore, 1st December 2022

THE POWDER SHAMPOO™ launches its second line of products with THE POWDER FOAM WASH™, a powder-to-foam body wash created with the same technology, principles, and ethos as the original powder-to-foam shampoos.

THE POWDER FOAM WASH™ is a range of powder body washes that are good for you and good for earth. The water-free, botanical formula comes in two versions: the Energising Day Body Foam Wash with lemongrass, turmeric, and ginger, and the Relaxing Night Body Foam Wash with butterfly pea flower, lavender, and chamomile. Both formulas contain a gentle coconut surfactant that doesn’t strip the skin, papaya enzyme to lightly exfoliate and rice protein to condition your body from top to toe. They’re also sulfate-, paraben-, and silicone-free.

Both power body washes are available in the brand’s signature recyclable packaging and sizes: 100g refillable aluminum bottle, 20g mini aluminum bottle, and 100g fully recyclable and compostable paper refill pouch. You can also purchase both 100g bottles together for a discounted price in the Day and Night Duo Box Set

The brand was created to revolutionise the personal care industry by removing water from the formulas and plastic from the packaging. Founder and CEO, Lynn Tann – a 20-year veteran of the personal care and beauty industry – was inspired to change the way we create and use personal care products to put the consumers and the planet first.

THE POWDER SHAMPOO introduced the concept of water-free shampoos that deliver the same great haircare results as shampoos with water, while keeping the planet's plastic crisis and fresh water supply front of mind. The next logical step was to take on body washes and add to our impact on sustainability by reducing the amount of water and plastic used just to get our bodies clean every day.” – Lynn Tan, Founder and CEO, THE POWDER SHAMPOO

All THE POWDER SHAMPOO™ 's products are vegan and cruelty-free and the company plants one tree for each product sold to offset the world’s carbon emissions.

New Products 

Energising Day Body Foam Wash

Relaxing Night Body Foam Wash

Day and Night Duo Box Set



For more information, please contact:

Tom Hudson
Marketing Communications Manager

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