THE POWDER SHAMPOO™ features in Stylist Loves as a Water-conscious Brand to Know


Stylist Magazine - a UK online and physical magazine featuring the latest lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, wellness and entertainment news, all through a feminist lens - has featured THE POWDER SHAMPOO™ in its Stylish Loves email newsletter as a water-conscious brand to know. 

The feature discusses the latest beauty and personal care eco-trend of becoming more water-conscious - a principle close to the heart of THE POWDER SHAMPOO™ Founder and CEO, Lynn Tan.

“It’s great to see people waking up to water issues and choosing to reduce their water waste. Fresh water is available to most of us in our taps, so why are we shipping it around the world and contributing to carbon emissions when we don’t need to? Water-conscious beauty is a concept that’s here to stay, and something all of our products do and will embody and as grow and expand internationally.” 

To read the whole feature, click here >

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