The Benefit of using Bergamot Oil for your Hair

Most people are aware of the delightful fruity aroma that the bergamot essential oil can bring to a cup of the popular Earl Grey tea. This underrated essential oil is also noted for its ability to reduce cholesterol levels, aid in healing and inflammation, improve overall mental wellness and boost positive mood. But can it also do wonders for our hair?

What is Bergamot Essential Oil?

The bergamot essential oil is extracted from the peel of the bergamot fruit (citrus bergamia), which is known to originate in South East Asia and has since spread to countries like France and the Ivory Coast in Africa. It is now grown commercially in the province of Calabria, Italy where the majority of the world’s supply comes from.

Is Bergamot Essential Oil good for your hair?

The truth is, bergamot essential oil can definitely do wonders not only for the hair but for the person’s overall health and wellness as well. One abstract study published in Wiley Online Library shows evidence that bergamot essential oil has substantial antibacterial and antimicrobial activity which is considered important in skin and wound healing. Its natural cleansing properties help in preventing infections thus reducing blemishes and also aids in soothing everyday skin irritations.

What are the effects of Bergamot Essential Oil in your hair and scalp?

People may ask, how exactly does the hair benefit from using bergamot essential oil? As mentioned in clinical studies, bergamot essential oil is primarily used to reduce high levels of cholesterol and fat in the blood, thus allowing for better blood circulation. It is also essential in growing healthy hair follicles and as a result, the hair strands become even more nourished with substantial nutrients that stimulate and allow thicker and denser hair growth. Likewise, the hair becomes more vibrant and lustrous, adding more glory to its name.

If used infused with your shampoo, bergamot essential oil can promote a healthier scalp which will then lead to healthier hair. Product reviews from essential oil enthusiasts, and people who love to maintain lightly-scented hair, supported bergamot oil's ability to soften and ease off tight, unmanageable curls. And if one feels great about their hair, great things are surely bound to happen.

Just like any essential oils in general, let us not forget the soothing and calming effect that bergamot oil can bring to our sometimes mundane, day-to-day living. Even in the early days, wealthy aristocrats would wear a small vial filled with bergamot oil around their neck. That way, they had a lasting fragrance all day while they go about their stressful tasks. It was said to have helped uplift their spirit and put them in a better state of mind and, many believed, had made them better decision-makers.

Bergamot essential oil has come a long way since it was first used as one of the main ingredients in a perfume popularly known as Eau de Cologne back in the 1700s. Great and amazing things had happened since then to this once inedible and insignificant fruit.

And since more and more people are rediscovering the benefits of infusing bergamot essential oil and other essential oils in hair care, we can expect even greater hair days to come.

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