The Powder Shampoo consist of a dedicated team from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and China. Each one of us come with over a decade of relevant experience in Hair Care production, operations and sales. We have consulted, diagnosed and helped thousands of customers with their scalp and hair conditions to achieve healthy scalp and beautiful hair. That is our philosophy and our passion.

Meet Lynn

Lynn Tan is the Founder and CEO of The Powder Shampoo. Lyn is a veteran in the Hair Care industry. Over the past 20 years, she established a successful beauty distribution business in Asia while also being a mother to her 2 daughters & a son.

"I believe there has to be a
Better, Smarter & more Sustainable
way to care for our hair"

- Lynn Tan, Founder

Q:What was your inspiration for The  Powder Shampoo?

A:The inspiration for The Powder Shampoo come to me the moment I learnt that Greenhouse Gas Emissions will increase to 49 metric tons by 2030 and will double by 2050, eroding the place we call home. At this rate, the sad reality is that my grandchildren would not have Mother Earth to call home.
This fact shock me to core. I took time to do some soul searching to reflect on my business ethos and how in the grand scheme of things, a lot of old practices did not make sense. From there, I set out on a mission with a vision to change the way we shampoo.
I believe there has to be a better, smarter and more sustainable way for us to care for our hair. I had the vision to create something that retains the cleaning power of a foaming shampoo yet is also pleasurable, vegan & toxin-free. Most importantly, how could I make it without using plastic packaging?