Liquid shampoos contain 80% to 90% of water. By removing water from our formula, we do not need to use plastic packaging. We also save water while manufacturing, we also reduce our carbon footprint by over 90% because The Powder Shampoo is so light to transport. 1 bottle of The Powder Shampoo = 5 bottles of liquid shampoo. Even though it is difficult and inconvenient, we will not contribute to the plastic plague.

  • Contains 80 - 90% Water
  • Uses lots of water to produce
  • Heavy to transport and store
  • Plastic Packaging - only 9% of plastic in the world is recycled.
  • Usually used once and thrown away
  • 500 years to decompose (if ever)
  • Plastic becomes microplastics
  • Contains 0% water
  • Does not use water to produce
  • Light, does not contain water
  • Aluminium Packaging - over 80% of aluminium in the world is recycled
  • To be reused for life with refill pouches
  • Easily recycled
  • Does not become microplastics